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FEE STRUCTURE : 2020 – 21

FEE STRUCTURE : 2020 – 21

Consequent upon the decision taken by the School Managing Committee, the fee for the session 2020-2021 is increased @ 5%.
The Fee Structure for the session 2020-21 is appended below:

i. Prospectus and Registration Fee (at the time of admission): Rs. 25/-
ii. Admission Fee: Nil
iii. Examination Fee: Nil
iv.  Composite Annual Fee (Monthly):

Fees Rules:

  1. Fee card is very important document of the school. It should be produced from time to time when it is needed if fee card is lost it can be obtained with the charges.
  2. Fee once deposited is not refundable. It can only be adjusted.
  3. School fees should be paid in advance by the 10th every month, failing which a late fee fine of Rs.50/per month will be levied.
  4. No collection should be done on the Sunday and on Holidays.
  5. If the student fails no deposit the fee for two months continuously without giving the information , his/her name will be stuck off from the school rules. The student will be admitted only on te payment of full admission charge along with arrears.
  6. The student will not be permitted yo appear in the examination ,unless all dues will have to the cleared
  7. The fee will not be deposited without fee card.
Fee Slabs Nursery-KG          I-V        VI-VIII
Tuition Fee             6,330/- 5990/- 6,330/-
Annual Fee 990/-
1020/- 1,060/-
Science Fee
Development Fee 460/- 440/- 460/-
Composite Annual Fee 7,780/- 7,450/- 7,850/-

i. Transport Fee(Monthly):

FEE SLABS     0-2 k.m.     2-4 k.m.      4-8 k.m.    8-12 k.m.     12-16 k.m.
    Transport Fee 970/- 1,320/- 1,670/- 2,020/-       2,360/-

ii. Boarding : Nil
iii. Mess or Dining: Nil
iv. Excursion: Nil
v. Any other similar activity: Nil

Security Money: Rs. 2,500/-
(one time only for new admissions)