Call Us: +91-98914 00105, +91-98912 90150
Call Us: +91-98914 00105, +91-98912 90150


The school has deployed a good number of buses to pick and drop student’s and staff from their respective stops. Every possible care is being taken care to ensure that each and every child reaches home safely and the same is followed when child boards the bus from his stop to the school. The drivers name and mobile numbers is mentioned below for the convenience of the parents.

The academy also has conveyance facility from each and every corner of Ghaziabad. The transport facility is permitted for the complete academic year.

Facilities of Utthan Academy


  1. Swimming pool
  2. Ball Pool
  3. Attractive Swings
  4. Doll – house
  5. Toy – Train
  6. Indoor games
  7. Mini Zoo
  8. CC Cameras in all class rooms
  9. Generator and invertor facilities
  10. Water cooler with Aqua Guard facility
  11. Well Furnished and Ventilated class room
  12. Speaker systems in all class rooms.
  13. LCD Room and mini auditorium.
  14. Audio Visaual System.

Play Way:

  1. Each child is unique.Therefore He/she should be treated as such and should not be  comparesd with other children.
  2. Each children should be encouraged to develop at his /her own pace and should not be pressurized to perform beyond his/her ability.
  3. A child develops best in an atmosphere which provides ample opportunity for independent and creative self expression.
  4. The child requires a conductive environment which promotes his /her round.


Numerous opportunities for self expression are made available to the student through creative writing and public speaking. The school also organizes Inter House competition in debating, declamation and recitation both in hindi and English. Quiz compititions are also held to enhance student General knowledge and awareness. The school promotes students participation in these activities at the Inter School level

Computer Education:

Today We can’t assume any field where computers are not working. Computer have became part of our life. So, children afre given computer education also from primary level onward.

Physical Development:

For  Physical Development of the children,there is physical training (PT) of the children.One period has been kept for the sports of the children indoor as well as outdoor.

Medical Aid:

The school run to well Euipped medical rooms to provide medical attention to the student.The medical rooms are manned by trained by experienced nursing sister. General physical chack-up dental examination and eye chack-ups will be periodically undertaken by the well qualified spacialists.


  1. Development
  2. Inculcating sound value and good manners is an essential part of education .
  3. The process of ‘teaching and learning’ should be INNOVATIVE and not monotonous. So that it became and enjoyable and enriching experience for the teachers and child.
  4. The child should be exposed to a wide kaleidoscope activities like dance, music,yoga,aerobics,etc So That he/she is MOTIVATED and encouraged to expaned his/ her horizons.

Games and Sports:

The School has a sports complex in the campus which includes a play ground.